I love photography.  There are so many things your can do with it.  The possibilities are endless and you get to work with anything from people, places, things, and the most fun, FOOD!  But amongst all of the other things I do with photography one of my favorite is working with companies small or large for their products or menus.  Speaking of menus, this one has to be my ultimate favorite so far.  Ra Sushi

The best part about it is it will tie into my favorite baseball team, the Los Angeles ‘Anaheim’ Angels.  Here is the scoop!  This roll is so good, you just have to go check it out.

RA Sushi Huntington Beach Going to the Angels game tonight? Bring in your ticket stub to RA HB any time within the next week for half off the Gojira Roll (shrimp tempura, kani kama crab mix, cream cheese and cucumber rolled and topped with spicy tuna and spinach tempura bits; served with sriracha and spicy mayo).

In case you forget where they are, they are ocean front!  Right near main and PCH!  The sunsets and beach front experience is worth it alone.

This map shows them a little inland, but they are actually on PCH facing the street and ocean.  Cheers and enjoy!  If you dont like that roll, my favorite is the Tutsi-Maki!

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I survived. That seemed to be the theme after the week in Hawaii was over. Not that we survived the flight out there, or the warm weather, the wedding, or the dancing and good times all night long. Nope! This was a different, once in a lifetime (I hope!) survival. We survived a real life Tsunami in Hawaii. Well, to be fair not much really came of it except maybe a very minor swell in and out a couple of times. If you really want you can read up on it here! Even shows a cool time lapse video.
It was a lot of fun that week. Actually got to enjoy some time off for a little bit of rest, relaxation and other fun stuff. Stayed in Waikiki Honolulu the entire time. Its a big big city, downtown feel almost but we were far enough on the edge of the hotel strip that we had a pretty good 9th floor ocean front view as well as a view of Diamond Head.
Outside of that the day of the wedding was the most interesting. I woke up with a note from the hotel telling us to prepare for a Tsunami siren evacuation to go off at about 5am. This was not a drill. Not thinking much of it, I went back to bed, woke up at 7am. Went for a run, and by the time I got back about 830am there were lines wrapped around the very few stores that were open. People had their hands full of any water and food they could get. Thats where reality set it. I thought “wow, this is a real thing and a big deal.” A quick bite to eat, a mandatory evacuation by police and fire engines, and all roads and highways to be completely shut down at 10am we were ready to ride it out. From the 9th floor we watched, and watched, and waited…and waited. Yup pretty insignificant, not much to see but we made it. I survived the Oahu Tsunami 2010! (We could have made shirts and made a fortune!)
But enough rambling on and on…Here are a few pics from the day. You may notice the funny ones of people sitting on balconies waiting for Tsunami 2010 to hit…
Oh, Erik and Megan. Cheers to you and to your families. You guys all made it work, you all came together and made it happen. The support for incredible. The wedding was amazing. It captured everything a wedding should. Friends, family, good times and being surrounded by those you truly love. You guys conquered any limitations or problems that came your way on that day. Even that minor detail of that thing we call a caterer. You guys pulled it off! Cheers!

So all in all, things came together super fast and everyone was at extra quick pace to make it happen!

Everyone gathered outside the hotel patios waiting for Tsunami 2010!

Being the Lifeguard veteran Erik is, he was more then ready to conquer this Tsunami

Hotel ocean view ‘during’ the Tsunami 2010! You can see all of the boats that went out to sea to ride out the potential tsunami

Erik had this awesome authentic Polynesian shirt

Quick make-up session

Mal is Megan’s sister. She has her own make-up freelance company, email me if your interested! She does amazing work!

Team work on the hair

Almost ready

Ready! Absolutely stunning

Did I already mention beautiful?

Down the aisle (stairs)

It really showed the entire day how excited they both were to be there getting married and surrounded by their friends and family

Ocean Front…amazing location right on the shoreline

Just in time to get an awesome sunset in the background

It was a perfect evening for photos

There was a guy just paddling in from a surf session and he was nice enough to let us borrow his board. The colors were perfect and it made for some great photos

Part two to follow soon…let the fun times begin there!

With the recent rains and cold weather we had in sunny California it sure brought some great clear and crisp days. One of my favorite spots to go for a walk or relax is “Top of the World” in Laguna Beach. Which is only about a 3 minute drive from my house. The views you have up there truly give you that feeling of being at the top of the world. Snow blanketed mountains on one side and Endless oceans views on the other. Just thought I would share these views with you.


  • Nancy McDowellJanuary 8, 2011 - 10:49 am

    love the work….

Just a few weeks ago, I was able to attend a workshop in San Diego. My good friend Baylea allowed me to crash in her apartment (thank you to her, and her dog in the pics!) and I made a small commute from the Beautiful down town San Diego to Del Mar for a couple of Days.

The view from her apartment is amazing, overlooking the harbor and about 7 stories up. Check it out!

As for the workshop, it was a good experience. I wasn’t sure what to expect and it was a investment that I felt I needed to make. I had hoped that by attending this would workshop it would help me learn how to grow my business and desire to possibly make photography a more invested commitment. It was put on by the well known Dane Sanders based out of OC and his team from Fast Track.

I had a great time, meet some good people, networked and most of all took in so many new and helpful resources. There is just way to much for me to explain here. Dane really takes a hold of you and the business side of photography. He makes you think of your goals as measurable instead of just a thought or vision.

Anyways, on one of the days we got to go out and do a photo session. I don’t know how I can share all of the shots just on here but I will post some. I hope you enjoy. The couple were a lot of fun to work with and really took well to the camera and were NOT shy. I hope you enjoy!


  • LainJune 18, 2009 - 3:32 pm

    The top image of Christin and Jacob’s shoes is insanely awesome Andrew! Love it!

  • LeilaJune 19, 2009 - 2:35 pm

    Andrew, I can’t wait for you to go full steam ahead! You are someone to watch Great meeting you in San Diego! Photos are great!

  • Karen MMay 20, 2010 - 12:47 am

    Andrew I just checked out your pics from San Diego. They are really awesome. The dog is really good and I love the camera angles you used for the couple.

So over the past few months I have been working. Like we all do. Day by day…and really giving some thought into a direction of where I would like to head and what I want to be doing. One of those things has been to obtain my domain name (that’s geek talk for getting a website address), setting up my blog and actually posting a few things…

So for now, I hope to be posting, ranting, raving, and bringing some of my photographic work to you.

In the past six months or so since the new year I have done a lot of shooting. So many things that I have neglected to post or share. All my fault and all my responsibility. I would LOVE to share more things with you for some future dates I already have lined up, but most of all, with your permission I would also like to touch on some past events as well.

During those six months I have done photos for a couple of music venues, engagements, friend/family stuff and even an on-field photo access for the “first pitch/throwing out the ball” for an Angels game. Most importantly I have begun to second shoot for weddings. The amazing people who captured my friends wedding, Jeff and their company have taken me under their wing to allow to me work with them and develop my skills. They would be Narrative Images. Please check them out, they are amazing and so easy to work with…that goes for both me as a photographer and you as a possible client.

Yes, eventually I cant wait to take on more responsibility and start shooting my own weddings.

In the mean time I hope you follow along, bookmark me, add me to your favorites on your web browsers and let me take you into OUR world of photography captured by me.Fire Skies

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