So it’s been a long long time since I have blogged. But I had to share these. My love to shoot photos has no boundaries! My good friends Mike and Sabrina just got these two guys the other month. These are images taken of my computer screen withy iPhone… So bear with me on the quality until I get the real ones up. Enjoy!

There are many times in the last year where I have thought about how time moves so quick. It’s so easy to think about how work keeps me busy or school takes up my nights. Jobs, school etc. It’s easy to make excuses. But excuses no more.
Recently I just did a double engagement shoot with two couple and both the girls happen to be sisters. I was lucky to do this shoot with Narrative Images based out of San Diego. More on that later.
The little things make a big difference. The little box mailed to me with the perfect handwritten note speaks volumes. It tells me that there is always time. Time to do the things we love to do. We just need to remember to do more of the things we love. This was the simple box and thank you note from Narrative Images. This year I want to find the time…for a lot of things!

Thanks Rick and B’dette for inspiring me again.

I wanted to throw in the follow up to my previous post of the video seen below. This was the actual wedding from that day and a slide show created by Narrative Images who are based out of San Diego. I have had the fortunate opportunity over the last year and a half or so to work with this amazing team. Rick and Bernadette are married with one lil’ guy down in San Diego. They have a very strong presence in San Diego and are amazing photographers as well as amazing educators. They both have and extensive history in art and specialize in photography. You can see their work and site here at I know its not normal to see a feature or link to another wedding photographers site on ones own photography blog. However in this case they have been instrumental in guiding me and helping me build my own portfolio to where I am today. These guys absolutely rock so check them out and tell them I referred you!

So back to this wedding, I was able to second shoot with Narrative Images and this slide show contains a lot of ‘our’ work from that day. They were kind enough to let me borrow their slide show for my blog and show off some of my work and photos from within their final work. Thanks guys!

The bride may even look familiar to some of you TV people who know your reality shows…but that is the only clue you get!



  • Rose BarrJuly 21, 2010 - 12:14 pm

    I love all the candid shots. Very well done.

  • Megan ZelinkoOctober 11, 2010 - 7:16 pm

    Hey, Andrew! Your pictures are amazing, and the slide show is awesome! Good job 🙂

  • RooterDecember 3, 2010 - 8:30 am

    Good work Z

I know I have not had the time to blog nearly as much as I have been busy and shooting. But this was a random fun video that I caught while shooting with Narrative Images based out of San Diego. ON this shoot we were down at Manhattan Beach Pier and this grom (surfer slang meaning kid) walked up and just started to sing. He played nearly the whole song on his piece and the bride and groom were so excited. It was all impromptu and that’s why I love having HD video on my Canon 7D…you just never know! Enjoy. More photos from this wedding to come but for now enjoy this fun clip!

(Don't be afraid to bump up the resolution to 720 or 1080 HD on the right when it starts playing!)

Impromptu serenade by lil grom on Manhattan Beach Pier covering Jason Mraz – “I’m Yours”

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